Let’s admit it: we all work with people that we struggle to understand, like, or respect. Quality communication is the lynchpin of success and it begins with you.

Daily we communicate and engage with a spectrum of people, and at every turn, we encounter a myriad of people who may not share our background, values, or preferences. The gaps we face in relationship building are vast and varied.

Enter curiosity.

Curiosity is in our nature—embedded within our core is a desire to feel, experience, learn, and know the people who populate our life. We were designed to have meaningful relationships with all types of people as a way to expand and grow, to bridge the space between what we know and what is possible. Too often, we find comfort in believing what we already know, forgoing curiosity about our behavior or others’ behaviors. However, curiosity can be the antidote for that which ails us.

Curiosity could be the single, most important game-changer in a business or organization. Our interactions have the power to dramatically shift people into new thinking, better mindsets, and positive actions that contribute to a brighter tomorrow. Embracing curiosity —of the self and of others—is the antidote to unnecessary judgement and polarization that harms relationships and people. When we take personal responsibility for how we show up and connect, our relationships improve, and our work and spirits expand exponentially.