By Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary

Bridge The Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative

Let’s just say it flat out: you work with people that you struggle to understand, like, or respect. You also work with people who struggle to understand, like, or respect you. As much we would all like our work relationships to be simple, unemotional, and confined to the 9-5, the fact is that connecting, communicating, and collaborating with people is much more challenging.

Bridge the Gap is a framework to help you step up and deepen the quality of your relationships, especially in the workplace. Quality communication and collaboration is the lynchpin of success and it begins with you.

You always have a choice, and therefore power is always in your hands.

About Bridge The Gap

In today’s increasingly polarized world, we’re struggling to fully understand and respect one other. As a result, we’re losing sight of the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships; even forgetting to be curious and listen to each other. And that’s bad for business.

Bridge the Gap explores the intersection of how your biology and lived experiences define, refine, and contribute to your presence and behavior in relationships where you struggle to connect. Focusing on personal responsibility and awareness, meta-cognition, and curiosity, the book provides you with a reliable and replicable framework to increase open communication and foster better relationships at work. The authors illuminate the raw power of the human brain and mind, and how they impact the way you connect, communicate, and collaborate with people. They offer a deep dive into how you can better cooperate with people at work, especially when you struggle with differences. Bridge the Gap helps you:

• Master your biological reactions when pressure, stress, and anxiety hijack your efforts to connect
• Understand how you and others can better communicate and collaborate
• Lead with curiosity in all your communication strategies and learn how to give authentic feedback
• Feel more comfortable working on diverse teams, embracing all cultural backgrounds

Whether you’re a founder, in the C-Suite, a manager, educator, headhunter, pastor, executive director, fundraiser, secretary, or any of the millions of roles to play in an organization. . . you’ll learn how to communicate clearly with a broad spectrum of people and navigate a wide range of emotions in virtually any situation. Rather than focus solely on the mechanics of “difficult” conversations, the authors illustrate how your presence, curiosity, and language can foster better interactions and outcomes with others.

Filled with practical exercises, memorable analogies, and colorful stories, Bridge the Gap provides everything you need to build solid workplace relationships in nearly any situation.

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