By Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary

Bridge The Gap: Foster Meaningful Relationships at Work Using Curiosity and Open Communication

Most people never learned or acquired communication and conversational skills that fuel meaningful relationships, but Bridge The Gap synthesizes 30 years of thought leadership and research into a step-by-step framework that uses the power of curiosity and open communication to transform relationships. 

About Bridge The Gap

In today’s increasingly polarized world, we’re forgetting how to build personal relationships, listen, and connect. By using the power of curiosity, presence, and personal responsibility and choice, we can create more meaningful relationships. . . one conversation at a time. 

Bridge the Gap explores the intersection of how our biology and biography define, refine, and contribute to our behavior and presence. Focusing on three gifts every human being possesses―curiosity, meta-cognition, and narrative communication―we provide a reliable, replicable framework and step-by-step processes that increase open communication and foster better relationships at work, at home, and in communities. We can bridge the gap between our differences without sacrificing our values.

Bridge the Gap helps us:

  • Master our biological reactions when pressure, stress, and anxiety hit
  • Understand how we create our perceptions of reality and way of being in the world
  • Focus on clean listening, curious language, empathy, and caring choices
  • Become “WayFinders” in our collegial relationships
  • Create long-lasting adult friendships
  • Feel more comfortable, authentic, and natural when it comes to interacting with people

Whether you’re entry level staff or C-Suite executive, you’ll learn how to communicate clearly with a broad spectrum of people and navigate/manage a wide range of emotions in virtually any situation. Rather than focus solely on the mechanics of having “tough” or “difficult” conversations, the authors illustrate how intention, curiosity, and choice engages others and fosters better interactions.

Filled with practical skill-building exercises and “Dear Reader” letters from C-suite leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who have used the teachings of this book to enrich their work lives, Bridge the Gap provides everything you need to build solid connections with people in every situation.

Book is being published by McGraw-Hill Professional, for release February 2022


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