Curiosity Transforms

The American Workplace

immediate shifts to improve

collaboration, conflict and culture.

In business, leaders who operationalize curiosity build influence, connection, and loyalty.

In life, leaders who practice curiosity create amazing communities that bridge the gap between vision and outcome.

On the stage or virtually, The Bridge the Gap message is rooted in neuroscience and is an engaging experience for all.

Their combined 3 decades of expertise on how to bridge gaps when under pressure, offers the audience immediate paradigm shifts and actionable tools to transform relationships from challenging to collaborative.

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Bridge the Gap

Breakthrough Curiosity and Communication Tools to Transform Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative

Your innate curiosity has the power to positively change the dynamics of your relationships and increase the quality of your teamwork. When pressure, uncertainty, and stress impact any leader, team, or organization, Bridge the Gap’s methodologies help any professional manage breakdowns and miscommunication while increasing trust, connection, and collaboration.

Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary have presented this fascinating keynote that inspires audiences to harness the power of their innate curiosity to bridge the gap in their relationships at work and beyond. Rooted in practical neuroscience, Edwards and McCleary equip audiences around the world and across industries with paradigm shifts and essential skills to help them communicate and collaborate better with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Far from jargon or fluff, their approach to keynotes is highly engaging, interactive, full of memorable props, razor-sharp and immediately actionable. The result? Participants are empowered with a new blueprint for effective communication to build better relationships, manage conflict, and seize the power of teamwork to fuel amazing outcomes.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how your biology and psychology react to pressure and conflict and how to disrupt being hijacked by negative reactions.
  • Discover how to harness your best innate power—curiosity—to strengthen your perceptions of others and what’s possible.
  • Develop a new communication approach to have meaningful and productive conversations to move your work forward
  • Breakdown our 3 Step Curiosity Conversation method to build relationships that matter.
  • Walk away with Bridge the Gap’s Top 10 Pro Communication Tips to become a leader in all your relationships.
  • How your brain and mind react to pressure and uncertainty
  • The neuroscience of curiosity and how to strengthen your perceptions
  • How to use curiosity as a tool to forge connection rather than disconnect or retreat into silos
  • Develop a new communication approach to have meaningful and productive conversations
  • Actionable, tangible tools to implement immediately

Listen to Your Listening

Have you ever found yourself listening to someone, then realize you are no longer listening and have totally zoned out or entered a rabbit hole of daydreams? It happens to everyone. Quality communication arises from how you interact with others, and too much emphasis is often placed on language to do the hard work of communication. Let’s face it, words can fail and there is a better way to connect. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth. . . let’s start using them in proportion! In this interactive session, you’ll learn:

  •  How to hold yourself present in any conversation and navigate challenging conversations
  • “The Hurdles to Listening” everyone faces and how to maneuver them and communicate better
  • The game-changing difference between “sloppy” listening and “clean and curious” listening
  • How to ask questions that open you and others up to see things differently
  • To grow a team that is more productive, innovative, and collaborative by listening differently