Meet Katie & Jennifer

Quality communication is the lynchpin of success within in any organization. . . and it begins with you!

How you show up—from your energy and presence to your listening and language—shapes your key interactions and outcomes. You can learn how to communicate clearly with a wide range of people at any level or from any background, while navigating any emotion or situation. Integrating Bridge the Gap skills into your life will result in more rewarding relationships and allow you to optimize your effectiveness at work and with your team.

“Teamwork is ubiquitous—and underappreciated. Almost every job depends not only on getting the work done, but also on getting that work done through other people. Edwards and McCleary have written a clear and timely guide for any professional who wants to build a better collaborative environment.”
Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN, DRIVE, and TO SELL IS HUMAN

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